M (????????Германия, СТ-10, прокачиваемый) из обновления 1.12 WOT [Чёрный рынок 2021].

Согласно тех. названию 3D-стиль будет продаваться на ЧР2021 в виде лота.

Англ. название: «Nimmermehr». Русского описания стиль не имеет.

«Ниммермер» (Nimmermehr) —
«Yeah, yeah, he knows it’s not pronounced this way. Sure, he might look like a typical gangsta, but it’s because he ain’t like no questions. He didn’t launch all those Black Markets on a whim, d’ya get it? Once he was a real family man, ya know? Had a normal job at the Institute, barbecues on weekends with his wife and daughter in the countryside. This accident might’ve never happened, wasn’t it for that heavy shower. Since then, he’s never believed that anything can change for good. He often sits in the corner reading his Poe through the whole night. He’s made a tank that just fits his mood. Anyway, don’t be offended. He don’t mean it. He might’ve been a bit sharp recently, but believe me, he know that it can’t rain forever…».

Неисторичный. Можно наносить этапные декали, группа: Основные. Максимум на аккаунт: 1. Только для танка: E 50 Ausf. M. Тех. цена: 5000 голды.

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